Weekly Round Up – 1st February 2021

Blog of the Week

Beware the false sense of security that can come with live lesson registers’ by  Christina McGhie

A super blog exploring ways in which we can check students are engaging with the lesson behind their computer screens.


‘Remote Responsive Teaching’

Shaun Allison unpicks what we mean by responsive teaching and how we can adapt to this remotely.

Research School

Remote Learning – Understanding over coverage

Jack Tavassoly-Marsh explores how we can be monitoring student understanding during remote teaching.

Other Useful Links

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1 Response to Weekly Round Up – 1st February 2021

  1. Marooney, Sue says:

    Really good choice as ever S
    Thank you

    Sue Marooney
    Executive Headteacher/CEO

    Durrington High School
    Durrington Multi Academy Trust

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