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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Why a Knowledge-Based Curriculum Could be the Future

Last November at Durrington, we dedicated some of our INSET day to thinking about knowledge organisers: what they are; why they should play a major role in teaching and learning; how to create them; and how to use them most effectively … Continue reading

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Tight but loose

The above extract from the new OFSTED inspection handbook is a move in the right direction.  Rather than constraining teachers to a formulaic lesson structure, it is acknowledging that teaching is a creative and varied profession, where a ‘one size … Continue reading

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AfL: Tight but loose….

Over the last few weeks there have been some very thought provoking posts on AfL on various teacher blogs. Two in partcilular resonated most with me – firstly, this one from Joe Kirby and then this from Tom Boulter.  Both focus … Continue reading

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Plenary Prefects

Twitter really is a marvellous place.  On Monday I was watching a YouTube video of Alistair Smith (@alatalite), presenting a key note speech at the Teaching Learning & Assessment Conference 2013, Berkhamsted School, after having seen it on a tweet.   … Continue reading

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The ‘In & Out’ of a lesson

Blog updated – 6th June 2013 The beginning and end of a lesson are undoubtedly important phases of learning.  In the first 10 minutes of the lesson you are looking to engage students, elicit their prior knowledge and set the scene … Continue reading

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An outstanding teacher…..

During an INSET session today a group of teachers from different subjects met in a ‘Learning Development Group’ to discuss outstanding teaching.  What does it look like and what do outstanding teachers do? I have tried to summarise the discussion here: They … Continue reading

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End of term pedagogical review…

As the term draws to a close I thought I would pull together some of the best bits of pedagogy I have picked up  from 15 minute forums, Learning Development Groups, Twitter, lesson observations etc this term. In the spirit … Continue reading

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