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Curriculum, Teaching and Assessment

This year, the Durrington Research School Team have been working on producing a new ‘Curriculum, Teaching and Assessment Policy’.  The aim of this policy is to ensure that through curriculum, teaching and assessment all students, especially those in at-risk sub-groups, … Continue reading

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Assessment Without Levels – An Opportunity for Growth

When the Government announced that KS3 levels were going to be scrapped, the reaction was mostly one of relief.  Many people agreed that levels had become less and less to do with learning and more to do with accountability – … Continue reading

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Using assessment criteria in a visual/creative way

Today Steve Bloomer (textiles teacher) led the 15 minute forum.  He was looking at how he has developed an ‘assessment board’.  He uses this to display large pieces of student work, that students then annotate, based on a discussion around … Continue reading

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