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Using Padlet

English NQT Emma Morgan has been using Padlet to help her students revise.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Padlet, it is basically a blank wall that you set up (online!). You or anyone else can then post … Continue reading

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I can see clearly now….

I thought I would write this post in the spirit of #nurture1314 – starting with a confession! I used to be a bit of an OFSTED chaser – there’s a lot of it about. By that, I mean I used … Continue reading

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Modelling for excellence

I’m fortunate to watch a large number of lessons – being taught by brilliant teachers.  There are many things that they all do well, but one thing they all have in common is that they are great at modelling.  Now it … Continue reading

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Developing Independence

The 15 minute forum last night was led by science teacher Becky Owen, as this is the area she is looking at as a part of her learning innovator project.  Becky started off by saying how her thoughts have shifted … Continue reading

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Science do ‘The Big 4’

Tonight after school, at our department meeting, the science department at DHS gave some thought to these four key aspects of effective pedagogy – questioning, feedback, independence and challenge.  Working in small groups they thought about what best practice looks like … Continue reading

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Student Led CPD – The Big 4

Following on from this great bit of CPD last year, the 15 minute forum tonight was led by 6 members of our brilliant Student Leadership Team.  Earlier in the week I had met and briefed them on what we as … Continue reading

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Tight but loose

The above extract from the new OFSTED inspection handbook is a move in the right direction.  Rather than constraining teachers to a formulaic lesson structure, it is acknowledging that teaching is a creative and varied profession, where a ‘one size … Continue reading

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