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A large number of teachers and school leaders write blogs.  They use their blog as a way of reflecting on their own practice as well as sharing good ideas and resources.

Every Friday, one of the many excellent  teacher blogs that exists will be published as part of our Weekly Round-Up.  These blogs are a great way of sharing the excellent practice that is happening in other schools around the country.  If you are on Twitter, the blog authors are well worth following – as you will receive a notification every time their blog is updated.


The ‘Blog of the week’ archive follows:












If you come across (or write) any  blog posts that you think are worth sharing, please contact @shaun_allison



15 Responses to Blog of the week

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  5. This reminds me of chs. 80s primary ed in multi-racial school in Brixton: High expectations with those who worked hard just as respected as brightest children. Phenomenal achievements in literacy,numeracy,and high standard of music for all -2-3 years ahead of local primary but HT remarked that ILEA, local advisers never once praised him, staff or school. Inevitably he left, and school seems to have been in decline ever since.

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