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Metacognition: Making it Happen in the Classroom

According to the EEF Toolkit, metacognition and self-regulation is one of the top two most effective teaching and learning strategies (the other being feedback), and can increase students’ progress by as much as eight months. The EEF succinctly explains that metacognition involves … Continue reading

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Teaching Talk – Ben Crockett on metacognition

In this episode of #TeachingTalk, Ben Crockett talks about how he has been developing the idea of metacognition by getting his students to think about their thinking, through modelling his own thinking when approaching exam questions. TT3 Ben Crockett – Metacognition from … Continue reading

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Boxing up

Tonight’s 15 minute forum was led by maths teacher Natasha Bedford.  Natasha described that moment we have all experienced, when marking a set of exam papers and it becomes clear that students just haven’t got a particular question – the ‘face … Continue reading

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What to do with Y11?

Like most schools we provide Y11 with a range of support, outside of lessons, in the run up to the final exams – assemblies, revision sessions, parental workshops etc.  However, we all know that the people who will make the real … Continue reading

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Solving the riddle of the Sphinx – the teaching benefits of marking for the exam board

The 15 minute was led by history teacher Jack Tyler tonight.  Jack marks GCSE history papers and was reflecting on the benefits of this. He started by telling us that this was the best CPD he has ever had – … Continue reading

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Developing writing skills

The fifteen minute forum was led tonight by Harriet Schuler – our Deputy Leader in Science. Our science department have been developing  ways in which they can support students with their extended writing – particularly in response to the new … Continue reading

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15 Minute Forum – Getting the most out of exams

Steph Holt led a 15 minute forum on how we can support students with exam technique and preparation – with a particular focus on Y11 as they approach their exams.  Many of the strategies she discussed have been based around … Continue reading

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Developing student responses to long answer questions

The science department have been developing strategies to support students with writing long answers.  The key to this has been: 1.  Encouraging students to identify the ‘command word’ of the question e.g. identify, compare, evaluate, describe, explain etc. 2.  Providing … Continue reading

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Developing extended writing – using connectives

The science department have been working on how they develop extended writing skills with students.  To support this, Steph Holt has been developing the use of a ‘connectives deskmat’ – a resource for students to use to enhance their writing. This has already … Continue reading

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