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Think Hard

We are talking a great deal about the importance of high expectations, challenge for all and effort, at our school at the moment.  Rather than thinking about them in isolation though, we should probably be considering them as being very much … Continue reading

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Subject Pedagogy Development Session 1: Effort Matters

We had an INSET day today, and held the first of our ‘Subject Pedagogy Development Sessions’  The idea behind these sessions is to put our CPD, back into a subject context – so the theme for today was effort.  Following a … Continue reading

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Worth the effort?

  Like most schools, at each data capture point (three times a year for each year group), we also ask teachers to give an ‘effort grade’ for each student.  Up until now, the rubric we used for this was fairly … Continue reading

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Engendering a positive work ethic

The 15 Minute Forum tonight was led by Kate Bloomfield, our Director of English.  This year Kate is teaching two Y10 groups who, for a variety of reasons are challenging.  Their academic level was low at the beginning of Y10 … Continue reading

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