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Workload Matters

  Teacher workload is a hot topic of discussion in schools at the moment – and rightly so.  The DfE have recently published the results of their ‘Teacher Workload Survey 2016’, which is available here.  This report contains some alarming … Continue reading

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Bright Spots – what can we learn from our Curriculum Leaders?

Curriculum Leaders play a pivotal role in developing teaching and learning at Durrington, as they work with their teams on a daily basis to ensure high quality teaching in their subject areas. Over the past week, I have visited each of our Curriculum … Continue reading

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World class leadership with Baroness Sue Campbell

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend the SSAT National Conference.  It was a great two days with some inspirational speakers – many of whom I got some great ideas from.  The highlight though was listening to Baroness Sue … Continue reading

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Leading a Winning Team

There are many really difficult jobs in a secondary school – but leading a subject area, especially a large subject area, has to be one of the most difficult.  I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some inspiring Curriculum Leaders … Continue reading

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Life without lesson observation grades

  In April 2014 we stopped grading lesson observations.  This post looks at why we did it (and why every school should) and what we’ve noticed since. Why we stopped grading lesson observations Judging a teacher on a 30 minute … Continue reading

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Assessment Without Levels – The story so far

  In May 2014 we were awarded a DfE Innovation Fund to develop a method of assessing without levels in KS3.  We saw this as an opportunity to reclaim purposeful assessment and so came up with our ‘Growth & Thresholds … Continue reading

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A Review of the Sutton Trust Report – What Makes Great Teaching?

  The 15 minute forum tonight was led by Andy Tharby.  Andy was sharing some of the key points from the Sutton Trust report – what makes great teaching? The full report can be downloaded here. “This report reviews over … Continue reading

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