Weekly Round-Up – 10th May 2021

Blog of the Week

Three Pillars of Vocabulary Teaching’ by Alex Quigley

Alex distils the wealth of research around vocabulary development into consistent pillars of practice that are best bets for supporting and super-charging vocabulary development.

Classteaching Blog

The move from primary to secondary’ by Deb Friis

Transition to secondary school is a really important step for our pupils.  This blog explores how we can support this.

Research School Blog

Moving forward with metacognition’ by Chris Runeckles

Metacognition has been a Durrington priority for several years.  here are two ways we can ensure it remains high priority.

Other Useful Links


Subscribe to the ClassTeaching podcast:

https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/class-teaching-podcast/id1553470551 (Apple)

https://anchor.fm/james-crane39/ (Other platforms)

Episode 9 available now: Pre-empting poor behaviour.

James Crane talks to John Fuller about how we can pre-empt poor behaviour and avoid confrontations.

Free Twilight CPD Webinar

  • Theme: Disciplinary Reading
  • Led by: Fran Haynes
  • Date: Tuesday 11th May
  • Time: 3.30pm-4.00pm



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