Planning for Challenge


At our INSET day yesterday, Andy Tharby talked about a framework teachers can use, when planning for high starting point students – content, thinking and shaping.  You can read more about it here (and I strongly suggest you do, it’s an excellent post).

To help teachers think about this when planning their lessons, or sequence of lessons, we have produced this simple planning sheet that they can use, should they want to:

p4c1p4c2This is not a lesson plan – it simply allows teachers to jot down some ideas in response to the prompt questions, with a view to shaping their ideas around these the three themes.  For some teachers this won’t be necessary, they will simply plan and teach along these lines intuitively – and that is fine.  For others though, particularly if they are teaching a challenging topic or very bright students for the first time, it might be a useful prompt. We think they might also be useful for teachers to share and discuss at ‘Subject Planning & Development Sessions’ – a great opportunity for teachers to talk about and share ideas around how they are approaching teaching these students.

A PDF copy can be downloaded here.

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