DHS TeachMeet 2015



Last Thursday saw our fourth annual TeachMeet at Durrington High School.  As always, it was a fantastic evening.  A great demonstration of the appetite of teachers for sharing and collaboration – exactly what teachmeets should be about.

tmdd3The evening got off to a great start with David Didau.  David asked us to challenge our assumptions about teaching and learning – something that he is very good at.  He discussed the fact that many of the things that actually make a difference to learning are counter-intuitive – so need us to think about and change our own practice.  He unpicked the difference between learning and performance, the need for desireable difficulties and what we can do about it.  His presentation can be downloaded here.


The Presentations:

Kate Bloomfield – The best revision guide…ever – @tennisbloom

Kate discussed the fact that there was no need to spend loads of money on revision guides that weren’t personalised to students and often weren’t detailed enough.  Students should be shown that the best revision guide is actually their exercise book.

Download the presentation here

David Rogers – Why teachers should be more like Che Guevara: What research has told me about our school – @davidErogers

In his own inimitable style, David discussed how we should be brave enough to find out what works in our schools….and then just do it.

Download the presentation here

Michelle Kelly & Denise Chick – PARIS anyone? Parents and reading in school

Michelle & Denise discussed the importance of reading and what they are doing in their school to involve the whole school community to develop it.

Download the presentation here

Helen Davis – Getting gritty: How to foster resilience and a growth mindset in your students – @Tigercrawl

Helen discussed what grit and resilience was, why it was so important and what we can do to develop it with our students.

Download the presentation here

James Walton – We know we’re not the All Blacks…but it doesn’t stop us thinking like them! Learning dispositions that grow successful teams – @MrJPWalton

James used his experience of coaching a young sports team to explore how we can develop leadership and resilience in young people.

Download the presentation here

Mark AndersonI.T.’s about time@ICTEvangelist

Whilst Mark was unable to join us on the night, he asked twitter a question ‘ It’s about time….’  The responses were collated into this thought provoking montage.

Download the presentation here

Jason Ramasami – The art of subtraction: When you remove just the right thing in just the right way, something good usually happens – @jasonramasami

A really important and timely message from Jason – rather than persisting with a culture of addition in schools, asking more and more of staff and students, why don’t we look at what we can take away?

Download the presentation here

David Fawcett – 3 Questions – @davidfawcett27

David explored how we can best prepare our students for exams – by looking at the idea of metacognition.

Download the presentation here

Hannah Townsend – The growth mindset teacher – @s0803060

Hannah has been undertaking a research project this year, looking at what a growth mindset teacher looks like.  This presentation was a summary of her findings.

Download the presentation here

Helen Pengelly – Cultivating mindfulness in the classroom – @hdiamondcoach

Helen reminded us of the  need to look after ourselves as teachers – and did so by getting us to meditate for 3 minutes!

Download the presentation here

Lee Reid – There’s no such thing as low level disruption – @DrLReid

Lee discussed how he ensures that his classroom is calm and orderly at all times – and why this is so important.

Download the presentation here

Andy Tharby – The hidden magic of story telling – @atharby

Andy talked about the importance of story telling in teaching and why it is a key part of effective teacher explanation.

Download the presentation here

Matt Perks – The ‘My best question’ challenge – @dodiscimus

Matt discussed the importance of effective questioning and how he encourages his trainee teachers to think about and plan the ‘big questions’

Download the presentation here

James Gardner – Does takeaway homework work? – @langnut

James has been trialling takeaway homework this year – and his presentation was an honest evaluation of how this had gone so far.

Download the presentation here


A big thank you to everyone who very kindly sponsored the event:

tm15sponsor1tmsponsor2tmsponsor3A very big thank you to everyone who attended – see you all next year!

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