In the news…

This week, Andy Tharby is launching something new at Durrington High School.   As we know, many of our students grow up in homes where national news and current affairs are not discussed regularly. This plays a part in forming a (largely invisible) general knowledge and vocabulary deficit that makes it harder for these students to access lessons and to understand the opportunities available in the world beyond the school and their local town.

In order to try to go some way to addressing this, every Monday Andy is going to send all form tutors a topical news link, with some questions, to show and discuss with their tutees during form time.  Hopefully, regular discussion of the news in form time like this, will go some small way towards bridging this gap.

For example:

Donald Trump – the first 100 days (4.00)

Further discussion:

From what you have seen in this video, do you think that Donald Trump is an good leader?Does this video portray Donald Trump unfairly?

Will circular runways ever take off? (3.00)

Further discussion:

What are the advantages of a circular runway?

If an international airport was built locally, what would be the advantages and disadvantages for the people of the Worthing area?

Mr Gorilla: How I crawled the London marathon (1.58)

What kind of training schedule do you think a (normal) marathon runner needs to undertake?

Why do you think that so many ordinary people choose to put themselves through such a challenging physical test?

We’ll keep you posted about how it goes…


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