Weekly Round-Up: 3rd March 2023

Blog of the Week

Sarah CottinghamReconstructing memory

A really smart blog on how we reconstruct our memories based on context, and how this might shape our decisions in the classroom.

Class Teaching

Kate Blight – Teachers of SEND – Bright Spots

Durrington SENCO Kate Blight shares some bright spots from Durrington teachers exemplifying how we are all teachers of SEND.

Research School Blog

Tara McVey – On Explanation

Durrington ELE Tara McVey has a look at all things explanation giving some great and usable tips in this blog.

Other Useful Links

Deep Dive Days 2022-23:

This year the Durrington Research School is offering a range of one-day workshops on EEF guidance reports and evidence reviews.  You can book your place here.

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