Research Bulletins

R&D at DHS

Staff at Durrington hold a half termly ‘Journal Club’ led by Chris Runeckles.   An educational research paper is read and discussed.  It is then summarised as a ‘Research Bulletin’.  These can be downloaded below.

R&D at DHS2

  • June 2017 – She doesn’t shout at no girls’ – by Debra Myhill and Susan Jones




  • May 2016 – The Psychology of Behaviour Management – by Nick Rose.


  • February 2016 – Focuses on the paper ‘What will improve a student’s memory?’ by Daniel Willingham.


  • November 2015 – Focuses on the paper ‘Critical Thinking’ by Daniel Willingham.


  • May 2015 – Contains articles from The Institute for Effective Education at the University of York on making homework effective and another from The Brown Center on Education Policy on student engagement.


  • March 2015 – Contains a summary of the findings of Barak Rosenshine, published in a report entitled ‘Principles of Instruction’.


  • January 2015 – Contains a summary of the Sutton Trust research report ‘What makes great teaching?’


  • November 2014 – Contains strategies (from Dunlosky) on helping students to remember, as well as a summary of the ‘Learning Innovator’ projects from this year.

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