Making Every Lesson Count

Packed with practical strategies and case studies, ‘Making Every Lesson Count’ bridges the gap between research findings and classroom practice. The authors examine the evidence behind what makes great teaching, and how to implement this in the classroom to make a difference to learning. Using case studies from a number of schools, the authors demonstrate how an ethos of excellence and growth can be built through high-quality classroom practice. Combining robust evidence from a range of fields with the practical wisdom of experienced, effective classroom teachers, the book is a must-read for trainee teachers, experienced teachers wishing to enhance their practice and school leaders looking for an evidence-based alternative to restrictive Ofsted-driven definitions of great teaching.










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Perfect Teacher Led CPD

All successful schools have one thing in common – they are full of brilliant teachers. This doesn’t happen by chance. If schools are to develop their teachers into first rate reflective and high performing practitioners, they need a varied and personalised CPD programme – based on collaboration and sharing best practice. This book looks at how schools can move away from the ‘one size fits all’ approach to CPD that still exists in a number of schools, to a CPD programme that will appeal to a range of teachers, unlocking the potential that exists within the staffroom. It’s about excellence from within.


“This is an excellent book that any teacher or school leader interested in developing the professional culture in their school should read. Not only has Shaun succeeded in pulling together a superb collection of strategies that are all well worth trying, his book has a fabulous energy about it.  He captures the spirit of great CPD in every chapter; teachers as professionals sharing their insights, seeking out evidence, looking for feedback and continually striving to improve their practice. “

 Tom Sherrington, Head Teacher

“The Perfect Teacher-Led CPD is a priceless summary of a whole range of strategies to put developing teaching at the heart of school life. Whilst all around us in the educational world is changing Shaun Allison articulates with utter clarity the eternal truth – the only thing that really matters to a school is improving teaching – and then shows us how teachers can lead the development of practice. This timely book is essential reading for all school leaders. “

John Tomsett, Head Teacher, Huntington School, York

“What Shaun has done with The Perfect (Teacher-Led) CPD Programme is pool together a number of excellent resources and ideas into one book.  It is an essential read for all school leaders and ones who particularly value putting teachers at the core of whole school CPD.  The book is easy to read, easy to implement and easy to see the instant impact and improvement the strategies will have.  Shaun weaves together a breadth of theory, ideas and practical examples with excellent effect and provides clarity throughout.  The structure throughout provides insight into a variety of approaches that ensure teachers are fully immersed in the professional development that takes place.  The guidance, ‘evaluation’ and numerous ‘To-do lists’ ensure that thoughtful discussions can take place before actually rolling out a bespoke programme.  The access to Shaun’s vast knowledge and experience is crucial and a great resource to draw upon.  Where it is said that most solutions to problems are actually found within our own schools, Shaun clearly puts forward an argument, the research, and the methods to implement a CPD programme that puts teachers at the heart of school development.”

David Fawcett,  PE teacher, Learning Innovator and Educational Consultant

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coaching toolkit

The Coaching Toolkit

Do you want to know how to establish a coaching programme in your school?

Using lots of examples of successful coaching in practice to set you on the road to coaching success, this book guides you through the process of setting up and running an effective coaching programme in your school. The authors are both secondary specialists, but the principles they set out in this book are broadly applicable to all schools.

There is clear advice on:

  • introducing coaching in your school;
  • choosing your coaches;
  • training your coaches;
  • measuring the positive impact of coaching on the school;
  • making coaching part of professional development for all staff;
  • a suggested timeline for implementing a coaching programme.

Features of the book include chapter objectives, questions for reflection to use in training activities, a number of short case studies from secondary schools and further education colleges showing how coaching has worked in practice, suggestions for further reading and pointers to useful websites. There are useful photocopiable materials provided to use with most chapters, and there is a PowerPoint presentation available entitled Coaching for Performance that you can use to explain ideas to colleagues. This bank of resources that accompanies the book is available to download from the SAGE website, and you can adapt the materials for any setting.

This book is an ideal resource for anyone looking to establish a coaching programme in their school, and offers you all the support, guidance and resource materials you will need.


‘This ‘toolkit’ provides a good resource that can be used by all who are
involved in the coaching process….the book includes a lot of information that
CPD leaders should find useful. It also highlights the strength of coaching to
drive school improvement at all levels’ – CPD Update

‘The Coaching Toolkit is an extremely practical guide for anyone wishing to
embed coaching within their school or workplace. The book takes a very
structured approach to building practitioner confidence, whilst drawing on a
good range of visual support materials to use as part of a professional
development programme. There is a good mix of reflective prompts and links to
further reading, illustrated by case studies. The materials provided as support
to the text are comprehensive, and a useful source of scaffolding for structured
activity. I would recommend this book to professionals seeking an in-depth
introduction to the realities and models of coaching. It also provides sound
guidance for those involved in a more traditional model of ‘mentoring’ and who
wish to reflect upon and understand their practice in more detail’ – Penny Sweasey, Head of Secondary and Post-Compulsory Education Programmes, Manchester Metropolitan University

I wanted to purchase a coaching reference book for the CPD library at a school where staff are rapidly improving their practice through coaching. The ‘Coaching Toolkit’ by Allison & Harbour was the perfect resource. It came highly recommended by a colleague, and I wasn’t diasappointed! It can be used by first time coaches in order to gain a thorough understanding about the coaching process, it can be used by experienced coaches as an ideas bank & for sucessfully reminding them about protocols, aims & objectives and as a refeshment of skills. It can also be a used as an excellent resources for anyone in a leadership position who wants to implement coaching across an establishment. The authors write with confidence and obviously have a love of their subject. A ‘must-have’ book for NQTs and Headteachers alike! – P. Gaston, Advanced Skils Teacher & Education Consultant.

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 lightbulbsDon’t Change The Light Bulbs

‘Don’t Change the Light Bulbs’ offers tips and hints on how to be the best teacher you can be, and is written by some of the most respected leaders in education today. It covers primary, secondary and post 16 phases, in addition to cross curricular sections on leadership, ICT, inclusion, creativity, SEN and tutoring. It also presents the practical advice of those who have been there and done it and who now want to share their collective wisdom with you. The aim of which is to make education better, not just in your classroom but for everyone.

A useful and inspirational book, it can be read straight through, or dipped in and out of for subject specific advice. A one-stop shop to inspire, invigorate and re-energise teachers and leaders alike, it’s comprehensively written and covers an exceptional subject breadth. There is something for everyone, as it provides hints and ideas from both sides of the knowledge/skills debate, and challenges the perceived divide between primary and secondary pedagogy.

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