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This is an opportunity to take part in an 9 month CPD programme with one of the authors of ‘Making every lesson count’, Shaun Allison and other school leaders, from Durrington High School.

Making every lesson count’ looks at six evidence-informed principles of great teaching and discusses strategies that allow these principles to be put into action in the classroom. No gimmicks—just great teaching!

Participants will all receive a copy of the book. They will then meet five times during the year to:

  • Discuss the research evidence behind each of the six principles;
  • Share some classroom strategies and how these could be implemented in their classroom;
  • Plan how these strategies will be implemented;
  • Discuss and review the effectiveness of these strategies.

This will then culminate in a conference, where participants will share their findings with their peers.

Launch Meeting Date: Wednesday 12th October 2016

Time: 4.30pm—6.00pm

Venue: Durrington High School, Worthing, West Sussex BN13 1JX

  • Subsequent meeting dates (all at the time/venue above)
  • Thursday 8th December 2016
  • Wednesday 1st February 2017
  • Tuesday 28th March 2017
  • Thursday 25th May 2017
  • Summer conference—Thursday 6th July (during the day)

Cost: £300 per participant

Further Details: 

  • Download flyer
  • Email Lisa Edwards –

What did  2015-16 participants say about the programme?

“This programme has been fantastic for me. The variety of teachers that were present for every session meant that views from across all walks of ages, subjects and teaching styles were aplenty. The sessions promoted deep thought and encouraged trying out new ideas and techniques from the book, as well as ideas shared in the sessions. The principle which has had the biggest impact on me is the ‘practice’ principle. I have adapted the way in which I undertake the scheme of work, interleaving practice and low stakes tests have had a clear impact on the learning of my students. I fully recommend this programme for any teacher that is willing to take on new ideas and try something different to improve their pedagogy. “

John Mulhern

“MELC has been really enjoyable. After every session I have come away with a number of practical strategies ready to implement in my own teaching. Being given the time to reflect on their success and discuss methods of how to improve has really challenged but enhanced my teaching. Particularly in relation to my questioning, I have really grown in confidence and strategies to use with ‘low starters’.”

Morwenna Treleven

“As an experienced teacher, I attended the MELC course intending to take it back to my own school. It has been a revelation. In the same way that Shaun and Andy’s principles will develop and challenge every student you teach, the course meets the needs of every teacher, whether they’re an NQT or an expert. Simply brilliant.”

Caroline Mortlock

“Having read ‘MELC’ over the summer between my PGCE and NQT year, it was a huge bonus to be able to attend the conference and discuss each chapter with other teachers. Being inexperienced, sometimes pedagogy books can come across as having ‘all the answers’ and you soon find that things don’t quite ‘work’ as you’d imagined in practice…

MELC and its conference provided a way to move back to the basics and fine tune my objectives for my NQT year, prioritising the important principles. Discussing these and the things I trialled with my classes with my new colleagues was so valuable, and made me more reflective and resilient throughout my NQT year. I really do recommend it!”

Kelly Heane

“The Making Every Lesson Count course was incredibly interesting, every session got me thinking about my practice and reflecting on what I do every day in the classroom. Between each session I was keen to put my new knowledge into practice and try out different strategies that Shaun, Andy and other teachers on the course had shared.”

Frankie Pimentel

Further Details:  Please email Lisa Edwards –







Durrington will be lead school for a cluster, delivering the UCL IoE National Professional Qualification for Middle Leaders/ Senior Leaders.

Further details, including the application process are available here:



Induction meeting: Wednesday 19th October, 2016.

Time: 4.00pm – 7.00pm

Venue: The LRA, Durrington High School, Worthing, West Sussex BN13 1JX








A TeachMeet is a free, informal conference for teachers, by teachers. It consists of a programme of micro-presentations, each one being no longer than 7 minutes.  It is about hearing stories about learning, from teachers. This is not an event to present about a product or theory – this is a chance for teachers from all types of establishments to hear ideas from each other. Real narratives of practice that make a difference. It is about being engaged and inspired by our immediate colleagues and a whole bucket load of networking to boot! Whether you just want to attend, or are keen to share your ideas by doing a presentation, everyone is welcome.

Date: Thursday 22nd  June 2017

Time: 5.00pm-8.30pm

Venue: The Main Hall, Durrington High School, Worthing, West Sussex BN13 1JX

Further details here


If you would like to arrange a visit to Durrington to discuss any of our work and to see what we do in action, please feel free to contact Shaun Allison –



One Response to Forthcoming Events

  1. Dom Shibli says:

    Hi Shaun,

    Really enjoyed the conference at Durrington. I was so impressed with how you all shared our ideas and were so passionate about them.

    We have been adopting the learning without levels model and as Head of Science we have written a SOW for September. I would be happy to share this with you and would also appreciate feedback. If you could send an email address I will send part of what we have done.

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