Weekly Round-Up: 2nd December 2022

Blog of the Week

Phil StockThe Challenge of Developing Reading at Secondary School

In the first of a series of blogs, Phil Stock explains the potential value of tutor time reading interventions and the potential pitfalls.

Class Teaching

Chris Runeckles – Metacognition Bright Spots

In this blog I share some bright spots from Durrington High School lessons based on conversations with students about their self-regulation.

Research School Blog

Ben CrockettHow Effective is Think, Pair, Share?

Assistant Director Ben Crockett combines research evidence with classroom experience in this discussion of using think, pair, share in the classroom.

Other Useful Links

Deep Dive Days 2022-23:

This year the Durrington Research School is offering a range of one-day workshops on EEF guidance reports and evidence reviews.  You can book your place here.

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