Weekly Round-Up: 23rd September 2022

Blog of the Week

Prior Knowledge and Learning New Information: The Rich Get RicherDr. Althea Need Kaminske

A really interesting insight into the world of experimental cognitive science. Although not from the classroom, some useful guidance on how prior knowledge supports learning.

Class Teaching

Driving the Durrington WayBen Crockett

Assistant Director of Durrington Research School Ben Crockett explains how an initiative to reinforce culture and routines at Durrington is being threaded through curriculum areas.

Research School Blog

New Director, Same DirectionChris Runeckles

Chris Runeckles looks forward to the coming year and the training offer at Durrington Research School

Other Useful Links

DMAT is looking to grow!

We are looking to grow our trust and are interested in speaking to like-minded schools.  

  • In light of the white paper are you exploring academisation?
  • Do you want to join us and write the story for a growing multi-academy trust?
  • Are you interested in utilising the expertise of our own Research School and SCITT to enhance teacher development and recruitment in your school?
  • Are you looking for a trust that is respectful of retaining a school’s unique characteristics and autonomy, as well as being committed to collaborative working?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, then come along to our forthcoming MAT information evening on 29th September to hear more.  Click here for further details and to register a place for the event and here to find out more about DMAT.

Deep Dive Days 2022-23:

This year the Durrington Research School is offering a range of one-day workshops on EEF guidance reports and evidence reviews.  You can book your place here.

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