Weekly Round-Up: 6th March 2022

Blog of the week

Warm/Strict: we enforce rules because we careThahmina Begum

In this blog Thahmina looks at the reasons why we might not sanction a student, why we should and how we can stop it getting to that point.


How we are tackling educational disadvantageShaun Allison

Shaun describes how we are planning our professional development to tackle educational disadvantages.

Research School Blog

Relative Performance Feedback: Unnecessarily cruel or a useful tool?Ben Crockett

Ben explores the idea of relative performance feedback and considers how it might inform our approach to assessment.

Other Useful Links

Free Webinar

Date: 8th March

Time: 3.30pm

Title: Routines & Relationships

Led by: Ben Crockett

Registration here


You can view the recordings from last year here:


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