Weekly Round Up: 21st November 2021

Blog of the Week

Stating the Obvious or Getting Behaviour Right Zoe Enser

Zoe draws on her years of experience in the classroom to offer some great advice on managing behaviour.


‘Making Feedback a Dirty Habit’ by Fran Haynes

What are the issues with ‘DIRT’ activities and how can we make feedback more effective?

Research School Blog

‘Reflecting on my experience of instructional coaching’ by Fahim Rahman

A fourth year teacher reflects on how he has been supported with his development as a teacher.

Other Useful Links


Date: 7th December

Time: 3.30pm

Title: Metacognitve questioning & modelling

Led by: Chris Runeckles

Registration here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfQg0Fex-Bh_88Q6Nt7RwWcQs9vKttRgWDurr7jJ5FlBY7blw/viewform 

You can view the recordings from last year here:


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