Weekly Round Up: 23rd May 2021

Blog of the week

‘All the myths we’ve loved before’ by Zoe Enser

Zoe looks at the myths that fill up our time and suggests how we can leave them behind and avoid making new ones.

Classteaching Blog

How reliable are your assessments?’ by Ben Crockett

Ben explores how we can ensure accuracy and consistency with our assessments.

Research School Blog

‘2021-22 Training Programme taster Sessions’

This post gives a short description of each of the training programmes we are running next year.  It also signposts you how to register for our FREE taster sessions.

Other useful links


https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/class-teaching-podcast/id1553470551 (Apple)

https://anchor.fm/james-crane39/ (Other platforms)

Episode 10 available now: Disciplinary Reading.

James Crane talks to Fran Haynes about why disciplinary reading is so important and how we are implementing it at Durrington.

Next Twilight CPD Webinar:

  • Theme: Principles of Curriculum Design
  • Led by: Andy Tharby
  • Date: Tuesday 7th June
  • Time: 3.30pm-4.00pm

Registration: Watch this space!

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