Weekly Round Up: 16th May 2021

Blog of the week

Core and Hinterland: what are we really talking about?’ by Josh Vallance

Josh explores the importance of the curriculum hinterland – the rich array of content, stories and examples that gives meaning to the core curriculum content.

Classteaching blog

‘Instructional coaching: Our journey so far’ by Fran Haynes

In this blog Fran explores where we are with instructional coaching as an approach to teacher development here at Durrington.

Research School blog

Twilight Webinar Recordings’ by the Durrington Research School Team

We have put the recordings of our CPD twilight webinars from this year, all in one place.  They are a great CPD resource for individuals, teams or even the whole staff.

Other useful links


https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/class-teaching-podcast/id1553470551 (Apple)

https://anchor.fm/james-crane39/ (Other platforms)

Episode 10 available now: Disciplinary Reading: James Crane talks to Fran Haynes about why disciplinary reading is so important and how we are implementing it at Durrington.

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