Weekly Round Up – 26th April 2021


Blog of the Week

‘Gateway Questions’ by Kat Howard

In this super blog Kat discusses how she threads what she knows about the common misconceptions students might have, through her teaching, using multiple choice questions.

Classteaching Blog

React to Misconceptions’ by Deb Friis

Deb Friis explores how she is diagnosing and then responding to misconceptions with her classes.

Research School Blog

Troublesome boys and compliant girls’ by Ben Crockett

Ben Crockett summarises the key findings from a research paper on gender underperformance by Jones & Myhill.

Other Useful Links


Subscribe to the ClassTeaching podcast:

https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/class-teaching-podcast/id1553470551 (Apple)

https://anchor.fm/james-crane39/ (Other platforms)

Episode 6 available now: What has remote teaching taught us about…modelling

James Crane talks to Shaun Allison about how the recent period of remote teaching might have improved the way we think about modelling .

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