Weekly Round Up – 1st March 2021

Blog of the week

The evolution of a presentation: how to maximise students attention in an online classroomAdam Robbins

This is a great blog that explores how we should use some of the key principles from cognitive science when designing slides, in order to maximise learning.  The approaches are as relevant to the physical classroom as the online classroom.


‘What remote learning has taught us about: explanation’ by Chris Runeckles

Remote learning has required us to really fine tune explanations.  What have we learnt from this and how can we use this to inform our classroom practice?

Research School Blog

Understanding Clues’ by Shaun Allison

What are some of the subtle clues we can look for to check students are understanding the work?

Other Useful Links


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Episode 1 available now: Metacognitive Evaluation

Free CPD Webinar

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  • Led by: Ben Crockett
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