Weekly Round Up – 22nd February 2021

Blog of the week

Remote Responsive Teaching’ by Harry Fletcher-Wood

In this post Harry explores how we can fit responsive teaching into the constraints of remote teaching.


Why most teacher CPD fails and what we might be able to do about it by Shaun Allison

This blog explores the research evidence around habit formation and how this might link to teacher development.

Research School Blog

It takes trust to build a team’ by Tara McVey

In this blog ELE Tara McVey explores how we build trust and why this is so essential to any team.

Other Useful Links

EXCITING NEWS: Coming soon….

If you struggle to find the time to read blogs, you’ll be able to listen to our new podcast driving to work, whilst out for a run or when doing the ironing! Watch this space for further details.

Next Twilight CPD Webinar

  • Theme: Improving Writing
  • Led by: Andy Tharby
  • Date: Tuesday 23rd February
  • Time: 3.30pm-4.00pm

Registration: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdd9_yJx8eHkGDVCXlb_9j6_-MBhSGmE66l6cMAW_To4nT4nw/viewform 


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