Weekly Round-Up – 10th January 2021

Blog of the week:

Becoming a unicorn teacher – a precis of Teaching in the Online Classroom – Lemov’ – by Louise Hutton

A really useful summary, chapter by chapter, of Doug Lemov’s book.

On Classteaching:

Remote teaching 2.0 – things I am continuing to learn’ by Deb Friis

Deb reflects oh her first week back to remote teaching.

‘Blogs on remote teaching’ 

During the last lockdown we wrote a number of blogs on remote teaching.  We have put them all together in one place for ease of use.

On the Research School blog:

‘The hypercorrection effect, spaced practice and remote learning’ by Adam Robbins

In this blog Adam explores how we can exploit these two aspects of cognitive science when remote teaching.

Other useful links:

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1 Response to Weekly Round-Up – 10th January 2021

  1. Marooney, Sue says:

    Thanks S
    As ever a rich selection
    Hope weekend good

    Sue Marooney
    Executive Headteacher/CEO

    Durrington High School
    Durrington Multi Academy Trust

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