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Gonna Get Myself Connected

By Andy Tharby It is a truth universally acknowledged that we learn something new by connecting it to what we already know. Sometimes we consciously construct these connections but, more often than not, they work their alchemy below the level … Continue reading

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Teacher Inquiry Questions

At Durringtion High School, our teachers are currently thinking about their inquiry question, as a part of the appraisal process.  Each teacher reflects on their classroom practice and identifies an aspect of their teaching that they want to refine and … Continue reading


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Fiefdom without a kingdom

Fiefdom: a territory or sphere of operation controlled by a particular person or group. If you were to type the word fiefdom into Google you would be given the definition above, but also the example sentence– “a mafia boss who … Continue reading

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Recovery teaching – best bets

Our whole school INSET was more focused on operational matters than it has been for some years. As a teaching and learning team we are lucky at Durrington that we are generally given top billing for any INSET time, and … Continue reading

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