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Bright Spots: 24.2.2020

Today myself and Andy Tharby spent some time visiting lessons, looking for  bright spots – examples of teachers implementing the 6 principles effectively in their classrooms.  This is what we saw: In maths, Shane Borrett had marked and handed back … Continue reading

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Embedding Curriculum Development

  Last week Alex Quigley wrote an excellent blog on curriculum development.  Alex offers a word of caution to school leaders who are frantically looking to develop their curriculum, in response to OFSTED’s renewed focus: “A handy short-cut is to … Continue reading

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Student Attention – 5 Tips

As Mark Enser so eloquently put it in his recent article in the TES on this topic, the idea that it is important that students pay attention, can be put in “well, duh” basket of educational advice. Still, knowing it … Continue reading

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Getting Formative Assessment Right – Bright Spots

This year at Durrington we have framed our teaching and learning priorities around what we consider to be the key threshold concepts for teachers working in our context – one of these threshold concepts is formative assessment.   There is … Continue reading

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The Importance of Worked Examples

John Sweller (1998) discussed the relationship between working memory (the limited space in which we think and process information) and long-term memory (a huge storehouse of vocabulary, concepts and procedures). It is widely accepted, through an array of cognitive science … Continue reading

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