What does an evidence informed school look like? researchED Kent 2018

This Saturday I talked at researchED Kent about what I thought the ‘active ingredients’ of an evidence informed school might be.  Over the last few years we have been working at Durrington to become more evidence-informed.  Furthermore as a research school, we have been fortunate enough to work with many other schools who are trying to do the same.  Based on this, here are my thoughts about what a checklist for an evidence informed school might look like:

  • Have an SLT that is committed to an evidence informed approach – even when it sometimes seems counter-intuitive.
  • Have a shared understanding about what effective teaching looks like and communicate this – based on research evidence.
  • Use research evidence to shape the curriculum and assessment.
  • Use evidence (such as the EEF toolkit)  to filter and shape whole school approaches and policies.
  • Look out for ‘red flags’ when looking at research and ignore any research that doesn’t appear to be robust.
  • Use CPD activities to communicate and mobilise useful research evidence to staff.
  • Make sure that CPD is shaped by the research evidence for effective CPD.
  • Use effective implementation strategies when planning change – using the EEF implementation guide.
  • Rigorously evaluate interventions to find out if they are working. The ‘EEF DIY Evaluation Guide’ is great for this.
  • Use research evidence to make decisions around strategic funding e.g. the pupil premium fund (look at these brilliant resources from Marc Rowland)
  • Adopt a disciplined inquiry approach to appraisal
  • Be brave enough to stop flogging dead horses.

Here are the slides from my talk:

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