What will the Durrington Research School do for you?

We are incredibly excited to have been designated as a Research School this year, as a part of the Research Schools Network.  We will share what we know about putting research into practice and will support local primary and secondary schools and colleges in making better use of the huge quantity of research evidence available – in a pragmatic and sustainable way.  So, who are we and what will we do?

The Durrington Research School Team

What are we going to do to support schools?

  • Post regular news and updates about our work and articles about evidence-informed teaching  on our website.
  • Keep followers up to date through our twitter account.
  • A monthly ‘Research Network Bulletin’ which will be emailed to network schools.  Sign up for this here.
  • Host two conferences to be held at Durrington High School:
    • ResearchEd – Saturday 28th April.
    • Research Meet – Tuesday 13th June (based on the ‘TeachMeet’ model, but based on evidence-informed teaching).
  • Host half-termly network meetings for network school research leads and T&L/CPD leaders to:
    • share information about Research School and other locality training and events;
    • share effective practice in terms of leading on teaching and learning/CPD/research;
    • plan the future direction of the Research School network.

(Meetings will be held on 9 Oct, 4 Dec, 18 Jan, 15 Mar, 17 May, 26 June.)

  • Offer an email helpline that will support network schools in finding the most useful evidence – research@durring.com.
  • Host twilight workshops led by local teachers and leaders. These will focus on how local schools are using research evidence to improve teaching and student outcomes.

  • We will offer a range of training programmes for our network of schools.  Each three day training programme will be focused on key issues that are relevant to  schools within our network and will have the following structure:

  •   The three training programmes for 2017-18 are outlined below:
  1. Using the EEF Toolkit to address disadvantage in coastal areas
  • What are the issues faced by coastal schools that result in low aspiration and underachievement? What evidence does the EEF toolkit provide to support schools with addressing these issues? How can schools mobilise this evidence to improve the effectiveness of teaching and intervention for underachieving students?

Further details and booking here.

2. Improving memory for success in terminal GCSE courses

  • Which teaching methods have been shown to improve memory recall? How can better course and curriculum planning improve the depth and scope of student knowledge? What are the most effective revision strategies to teach our students?

Further details and booking here.

3. Evidence-informed principles that will improve teaching

  • What does the evidence say are the main features of great teaching? How can teachers use this evidence to improve their impact in the classroom? How can we mobilise this evidence into a cohesive teaching and learning/CPD strategy across a whole school?

Further details and booking here.

  • We will offer follow- up support for schools who attend these training programmes, through school visits.


  • As well as the programmes above, we will also offer schools a range of bespoke training opportunities – such as INSET days, staff training and one-to-one support work. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will plan the programme with you.

  • We will support schools within our network to apply for Innovation Evaluation Grants.  Teachers within the network of schools can apply for one of these grants, with the support of our Research School, to develop innovative teaching and learning approaches they are implementing in their classroom or school.  We will support schools with their applications, through these Innovation Evaluation Grant Workshops.

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