Durrington TeachMeet 2017

Last Thursday we hosted our sixth annual TeachMeet.  We were delighted to welcome Bill Watkin as our key note speaker – Bill’s wry look at the current educational landscape got the event off to a brilliant start.

The Proto food group provided superb paella at the interval, with delegates making a voluntary contribution that went towards the excellent ‘Love Your Hospital’ charity.


1. James Crane, Durrington High School, “Effective use of Lesson Study”


2. Mark Enser, Heathfield CC, “Expect Excellence

3. Jason Ramasami Durrington High School, “#TeachingTalk – some highlights and reflections on a terrific experience.”

Teaching Talk Intro Video from Jason Ramasami on Vimeo.

Notes on the process

4. Lianne Allison, The Angmering School “Developing Early Teachers


5. Anna Ward,  The Angmering School, “Raising the profile of KS3 through assessment: planning for long term success.”


6. Holly Billinghurst, Steyning Grammar School, “An Online Revision Revolution – Digitise the bottom of the School Bag”

7. Ben Crockett, Durrington High School, “Marginal Gains and Metacognition”

8. Pauline Gaston, Oathall CC, “That Player Roger Federer is Naturally Talented You Know!”

9. Andy Tharby, Durrington High School,  “The limits of my language mean the limits of my world’ – Practical ways to bridge the gap”

10. Caroline Riggs, The Angmering School,  “One in every classroom- how colour vision deficiency affects our learners” 

11. Cherie Sykes, The Angmering School – “RRSA – UNICEF – Developing Global Citizenship”

12. Brian Marsh, University of Brighton,  “School-based teacher action research – what are we learning?”

13. Martha Boyne, Emily Clements, Ben Wright  “Teachers make the worst students: so how can we become better at using the research?”


Huge thanks to everybody who attended for making it such a great evening!

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1 Response to Durrington TeachMeet 2017

  1. lobbylocks says:

    Really enjoyed the Teachmeet, my first, and so many great ideas!
    Silly question – how do I download/save this presentations?
    Thanks for your help

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