Some things about teaching

Today I led a session for our trainee teachers on great teaching.  We talked about lots of things, but in particular we talked about these four slides.  Between them, I think they sum up what great teaching is all about.

This one had to be included of course:

These three great questions from Rob Coe:

As well as these nine things from Dylan Wiliam:

And finally of course, this from John Tomsett:


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3 Responses to Some things about teaching

  1. timlegg says:

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    Some thoughts on good teaching…

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    Some things about teaching…

  3. paulmartin42 says:

    As a Durham fan/alumnus I offer the answers to Rob’s 3 Qs
    1) I think this is a U shaped age curve.
    2) I have a phrase “no pain, no gain” which I never use in my Primary teaching experience.
    3) Clearly the answer is most

    I read over the other offers and wondered whether a date of creation would have been appropriate. Such happens when certain things become absorbed into the narrative where subsequent repetition undermines the author.

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