Teaching Talk – New for 2017


At Durrington, our teaching is based on a ‘tight but loose’ model around six pedagogical principles – more here.  Informed by  a mixture of research evidence and the wisdom of our very best teachers, teachers at Durrington are free to implement these pedagogical principles in a way that suits them best.  As a result, we have grown a culture where teachers talk about and think about teaching a great deal.  Our whole approach to CPD is framed around this – talking about what works, but most importantly, talking about what works in your subject.  In the words of the great Sir Tim Brighouse:



We are also fortunate enough to have Jason Ramasami working at Durrington.  As well as being a great teacher, Jason is also a very talented illustrator and film maker.  With this in mind, we are launching a new project in 2017 – Teaching Talk.  Jason has been talking to our teachers about what they do in their classrooms on a day to day basis, and then putting these conversations together into short film clips.  The result has been a collection of short, insightful conversations, captured on film, where teachers are simply talking about their day to day practice.  Nothing gimmicky, nothing showy – but just good, solid teaching.  It’s not about best practice, it’s about their practice.  It’s not about telling how you should do it, it’s about sharing with you, how they do it.  Within that, there might be something that sparks an idea within you.


I’ve often said that if you put teachers in a room and get them to talk about teaching, magic happens!  We’ve been fortunate enough to capture some of this magic on video, and we will share it on this blog, by publishing the videos on a regular basis throughout the year.

There is much to be glum about in the world and education at the moment, much of which we can do very little about.  However, there is also much to celebrate – the brilliant work that teachers up and down the country do, day in and day out.   That’s what we’ll continue to do in 2017.

Watch this space – the first ‘Teaching Talk’ video will be coming soon.  In the meantime….


TT1 Shaun Allison – No More Showy Gimmicks from Jason Ramasami on Vimeo.

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