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The role of teaching assistants

The 15 minute forum tonight was led by our SENCO, Carole Marsh. Assumptions about the effectiveness of teaching assistants Until recently there has been very little research on the impact of TAs.  Traditional deployment has been based on 2 untested … Continue reading


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Subject knowledge matters

Tonight’s 15 Minute Forum was led by science teacher Bex Owen.   Bex started by outlining how, over a year or so ago, she had reflected on her own practice and identified the following issues: I was teaching lots of physics triple … Continue reading

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Worth the effort?

  Like most schools, at each data capture point (three times a year for each year group), we also ask teachers to give an ‘effort grade’ for each student.  Up until now, the rubric we used for this was fairly … Continue reading

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Bright Spots – 9th October 2015

  As the new school year is well underway, I went on a walk around the school yesterday, searching for bright spots.  This is what I found. In science, NQT Josh Beckwith was addressing some identified difficulties with Y10.  Director … Continue reading

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Leading a Winning Team

There are many really difficult jobs in a secondary school – but leading a subject area, especially a large subject area, has to be one of the most difficult.  I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some inspiring Curriculum Leaders … Continue reading

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