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Getting to the core…

Core purpose is often discussed in schools.  The core purpose of teachers?  To plan and deliver great teaching.  Middle leaders? To reduce variation in terms of how well students achieve within their team, by ensuring high quality provision for all.  Get these right … Continue reading

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Solving the riddle of the Sphinx – the teaching benefits of marking for the exam board

The 15 minute was led by history teacher Jack Tyler tonight.  Jack marks GCSE history papers and was reflecting on the benefits of this. He started by telling us that this was the best CPD he has ever had – … Continue reading

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Engendering a positive work ethic

The 15 Minute Forum tonight was led by Kate Bloomfield, our Director of English.  This year Kate is teaching two Y10 groups who, for a variety of reasons are challenging.  Their academic level was low at the beginning of Y10 … Continue reading

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