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Interventions AKA Helping Students

At our INSET day on Friday, Andy Tharby and I spoke about interventions.  We wanted to clarify what we understood by the term intervention.  The most important point we wanted to stress was that interventions are not an add on – it’s … Continue reading

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Walking Talking Exams

The 15 Minute Forum tonight was led by science teacher, Jody Chan.  The idea of ‘Walking Talking Exams’ (WTE) came from a PiXL meeting, attended by my Deputy Head colleague, Jane Squires.  Their approach to it is described in this article from … Continue reading

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The BEST revision guide for students

Two weeks ago, the 15 minute forum was led by our Director of English, Kate Bloomfield.  Kate wanted to share something very significant with staff – she had found the best revision guide ever for our students! Like most Subject … Continue reading

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Unpicking Pupil Premium

The 15 Minute Forum tonight was led by Kate Blight and Chloe Gardner.  The session started by unpicking some of the issues associated with Pupil Premium.  An extract from a BBC news article, highlighted some of the views that contribute … Continue reading

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Beware the Golden Future

According to TV programmes I watched as a boy in the 1970s, we should all now be getting around in hover cars, like the ones to the left.  In fact, this was due to be commonplace by the year 2000, … Continue reading

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Bright Spots: 14th November 2014

Andy Tharby and I walked around the school today to look for some bright spots.  We found plenty: In science Carole Burden had previously marked some student work on reflection – the students had very specific improvement comments written in … Continue reading

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Mindset: The things we say

  I’ve written before (lots!) about growth mindset and why I think it’s important.  I think we need to be careful though.  If it’s really going to make a difference, we need to think very deeply about what it really … Continue reading

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What Makes Great Teaching? – The Sutton Trust

The Sutton Trust, working with Professor Robert Coe and others from Durham University, published a report yesterday, looking at what makes great teaching.  The full report can be downloaded here – it’s well worth a read. To make life easier for … Continue reading

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