#brightspots – Mind your language

marshmindsetThis is a brief post, but I wanted to share this great display that I saw whilst getting ready for open evening this week.  It was in Carole Marsh’s classroom – Carole is our SEN Coordinator at school and got the idea for this display from twitter (can’t remember who from, but thank you if it was you).  The display shows how by making small adjustments to our language, we can foster more of a growth mindset with our students.

The detail of the display can be seen below:



The display works on a number of levels.  As well as encouraging students to take a different approach to their work, it also acts as a prompt to teachers to change the language they use with students.  This is important – as changing teacher habits like this i.e. making adjustments to your language, takes deliberate practice.  So this very visual reminder will encourage the teacher to do just this.

Another great example of how growth mindset is becoming embedded into our work.  It’s also a great example of why twitter is such a great place to gather ideas from.


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3 Responses to #brightspots – Mind your language

  1. Kerray says:

    Awesome! A small laminated set of these would be great to hand to individual pupils during class time 🙂

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