2013-14. Done!

Schools-Out-for-SummerAt this time of year, it has become fairly traditional for educational bloggers to write a round up of what they think they’ve achieved over the course of the academic year.  I had every intention of doing this, but have changed my mind.  I’ll explain why. One of the things I have been working on this half term is a new school prospectus (with the brilliant ‘Devised Designs Company and Jason Keffert Photography).  We wanted to include some quotes from students in the prospectus, so I gathered a group of students together and asked them a simple question – What has Durrington High School done for you?

Their responses were great.  So rather than share what I think we’ve done well this year, I thought I would share their responses – what difference we have actually made to our students, according to them.

This is what they wrote down…

“I am grateful for all of the support from teachers and students.  They set me high goals and then push and support  me to do my best.”

“The teachers have encouraged me to enjoy learning.”

“Durrington High School has helped me find myself, by encouraging my work efforts. This has made me the person I am today.  As a result I have realised I can achieve anything.  I am now a more confident person, thanks to Durrington.”

“Working to the best of your ability is the only way to work at DHS.”

“Determination is a key part of school life. Without hard work and determination, you will not achieve. But DHS has helped me through the years to become focused and determined, helping me to push myself to my peak potential.”

“Durrington gave me a chance to have a voice within the school community through student leadership.”

“Durrington High School believes in me.”

“Durrington has taught me that no matter what difficulties you face, you can always overcome them with determination and perseverance.”

“Durrington High School has made me become more confident in myself by encouraging me to just go for it! The extra-curricular activities have offered me good opportunities to work with new people and meet new friends, resulting in me feeling safe and content at school.”

“Durrington High School has helped me by making sure I always put 100% effort and hard work into all my work.  This helps me to overcome obstacles in my learning.”

“At DHS everybody works for everybody, we are a community, which is why we are successful.”

“At Durrington High School we achieve the best we can by being committed, positive and confident.”

“Durrington High School has made me work harder than what I thought was possible, making me proud of the results I have achieved.”

“Durrington has shown me that I can try again and do better rather than settling for satisfactory pieces of work.”

“At Durrington we are encouraged to thrive upon feedback, which  allows us to further develop our learning and to go beyond our best.”

We are not a perfect school, in fact I don’t think such a place exists.  What I do think though, is that if our students make comments like this, we must be doing something right – and this is testament to our amazing staff. It puts me in mind of this by the brilliant Taylor Mali:

Remember, we make a difference…

…and so deserve a great rest!

Have a wonderful summer!

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