Using Padlet

padletEnglish NQT Emma Morgan has been using Padlet to help her students revise.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Padlet, it is basically a blank wall that you set up (online!). You or anyone else can then post things on to it – for anyone to see.

This is what Emma’s looks like:


As can be seen, Emma has used it in a variety of ways:

  • Key bits of information have been posted e.g. key quotes from ‘An Inspector Calls’ that will help with their revision..
  • Exam tips – what do I need to learn?
  • Links to relevant bitesize revision pages
  • Links to past exam questions, which can be uploaded for students to then download and work through.
  • Student responses e.g. students were asked to sepnd 30 minutes (at home) looking at the page and the write a paragraph about the key things they had learnt from it. You can see the student responses are starting to appear on the screenshot above – as a teacher, you can then add a comment to each student post.
  • Students have also been asked to post a question they are struggling with – so a great opportunity to ‘close the learning gap’ at the start of the next lesson.

Emma’s page can be viewed here.


Getting started with Padlet is really easy.  Simply visit the website here and sign up. Think up a title for your wall, and then build it following the instructions. Once your wall is set up, you just need to double click on it to add a post – there are clear instructions then about how to add a link, upload a file etc.  Once you have set up your wall, simply let your students know the link and away you go.

For security, it can be set up so that you have to agree any posts, before they are made public.  Below is a quick video tutorial for Padlet:

Reasons why Padlet is worth using:

  • It’s really quick and easy to set up.
  • Provides lots of information for students in one place.
  • It can be used from their smartphones.
  • Great for a quick homework – set a question and students then respond.  Really useful for critique as they can then see everybody’s response.
  • It’s interactive – so students can post links, comments, responses to questions and further questions.
  • Alternative way of giving feedback – teachers can respond to student questions/ responses to answers etc.

A great idea – thanks Emma. let us know if you start using Padlet with your students and how it goes.

UPDATED: 13th February 2014

Having been inspired by Emma, I’ve set up my own Padlet page for my Y11s to revise from – here.  We’ve got Y11 Parents Evening tonight, so I thought I would produce these cards, with a QR link to the Padlet page on them:

qr padlet

I then plan to hand these little cards out to parents and students tonight. The idea being that students can then use the QR code, to access the Padlet page and then interact with all the revision resources on there – via their mobile devices.  We’ll see how it goes.

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10 Responses to Using Padlet

  1. Miss McCann says:

    Love this idea! I’m going to set one up for maths. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Agree with Miss McCann, I think I’m going to try it too.

  3. MrsDrSarah says:

    I really like padlet as a tool – here’s how one of my classes have used it

  4. Great stuff from your Y9s – Padlet clearly has lots of potential

  5. Rbegum2013 says:

    iLife using Padlet to collate information Ll I one place like all the blogs I read, . Another example created by @Astsupportali

  6. Rbegum2013 says:

    Sorry for errors above my iPad has mind of its own sometime!!

  7. Loving the look of this – definitely something I’ll be trying next half term.

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