Why blog?


As we are about to start a new term, in a new year, many of you might be thinking about dipping your toe into the world of educational blogging.  If you are wondering what the benefits of blogging are, this article might be useful.  There are a huge number of teacher bloggers around now – a list of some of them can be found here.

I asked teachers on Twitter why they blog? What’s in it for them? This is what some of them said (to view their blogs, use the links to their twitter profile):


Experiences become clearer when we put them into words. The ‘publish and be damned’ moment is genuinely exciting too! Andy Tharby

For me it’s the act of reflection, research and thinking that contributes to my own deliberate practice. The feedback from others also helps to further refine own thinking / encourages further reflection. Belmont teach

The opportunity to have impact on school improvement & the lives of young people, far wider than the walls of my own school. Jon Tait

Simply a chance to move my own thinking forward, the motivation to research new methods and the opportunity to reflect. David Fawcett

It’s a great tool for reflection. Also ultimate challenge, putting your work out there for peers to critique-for improvement. David Bunker

Schools are inherently insular. Even big depts are small in grand scheme. A wider audience means more can add/challenge ideas. Michael Tidd

I blog for me. To reflect, store and organise good ideas. Look back on ideas / file. Everything else is a bonus. Blogging has led to authoring, speaking, Microsoft goodness and lots if giggles and fun. David Rogers


Helps me reflect on things, then in turn makes sense of the turmoil in my head, making me write it down also makes it real. Laura Jackson

Partly for fun, part reflection, part memory enhancement, part self-motivation (looking back), all due to love of writing. Jennifer Macfadyen

Opportunity to hone ideas in writing, realise how much I know (or don’t) and, truly, belief in making contribution to debates. Phil Stock

Just started but reflection, sharing experiences, offering support & ideas, connecting with different people. Tracey Griffiths

I blog in order to improve and connect with and learn from other teachers. Lars Henriksen

It helps me order thoughts, think of other ways to move on with class ideas & how to tackle new ideas with slt. J E Basnett

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So there you go.  Some of the key reasons teachers blog appear to be to help clarify their own thoughts, to reflect on their practice, to share and connect with other teachers and encourage critique and feedback about what they are doing.

It seems to be emerging as a very powerful form of teacher CPD.  Why not make 2014 the year you enter the blogosphere?


What next? Go to one of the main free blog platforms (see above – personally I would recommend WordPress), think about what you want to achieve from your blog and then make a start.  And let us know via twitter!

Happy blogging!


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7 Responses to Why blog?

  1. Rbegum says:

    One of my biggest problem is time management.. Finding time to reflect in school is impossible with full timetable and at home with new baby and family. I love reading blogs , they give you so much, teaching ideas and ideas to think about. Is there any quick handy tips before I create a blog. Also I worry about the content and my ideas are they good enough..

    • Andy Turner says:

      There are many ways to blog and these days, reading others posts, commenting where appropriate and cross-linking these with other relevant posts is perhaps a good way to start. Not every system allows for the collection of all these contributions into a blog of your own, but you can keep a blog of links as a record of what you have done. There are many different ways to engage in useful ways. I expect you have some great posts to make yourself, but I think that the more web like our collective blog content becomes (linked in relevant ways) the more useful it becomes. HTH

  2. Thank you for the advice.
    2013 I started following Twitter and tweeting.
    2014 my resolution is to blog my experiences as an Acting HT

  3. Reblogged this on Learning Performance Training and commented:
    On of my (many) new year’s resolutions was to blog more, but then I huffed and puffed under the weight of my already busy schedule and blogging was soon put to the bottom of the ‘to-do’ list. Then I read this article…

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