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Rich Tea or Hob Nob?

It’s been a great week at DHS.  We started off on Monday with an INSET thinking about how we can develop a growth mindset with our students.  By that we mean students who will: Strive for excellence Embrace the challenges Persist … Continue reading

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Layered Writing

The 15 minute forum tonight was led by English teacher Gav McCusker.  Gav has been developing a writing technique with his students, that he refers to as ‘layered writing’.  The inspiration for this was from great painters.  In order to … Continue reading


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Bright Spots: 24th January 2014

Whilst walking around the school today, going in to classrooms, I came across the following bright spots, which I thought I would share. In science,  to support Y10 students with their extended writing (they were completing a 6 mark question … Continue reading

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Effective use of video in the classroom

The 15 minute forum tonight was led by history teacher Jack Tyler.  Jack started by dispelling some common myths about using video in lessons: It will get you into trouble – not if it has a clear purpose.  Have the … Continue reading

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Modelling Writing

The 15 Minute Forum tonight was led by Andy Tharby. Andy was looking at strategies that he has been developing and sharing through his blog, on the issue of developing writing with students. He started by posing this question: How … Continue reading

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Things That Make You Go Hmmmm…

Last month, the wonderful Jill Berry tweeted me the above.  This got me thinking about things I used to do in my own teaching, that I’ve now ditched. Why? Well one of the many great things about twitter and reading … Continue reading

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Why blog?

As we are about to start a new term, in a new year, many of you might be thinking about dipping your toe into the world of educational blogging.  If you are wondering what the benefits of blogging are, this article might … Continue reading

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