Verbal Feedback Given….

verbal feedback stamperA great deal has been discussed recently about marking.  DIRT (see previous article)  is making a big impact on how we mark and there have been many other developments, such as this article by English teacher Andy Tharby.  This also reminded me of an article I read earlier in the year by the excellent Alex Quigley entitled ‘Make your marking policy a feedback policy’.  As always, Alex talks a great deal of common sense but there is one strategy that jumped out as being particularly useful – the use of the ‘Verbal Feedback Given’ stamper.  Whilst written feedback is of course very useful in terms of developing student learning, so is verbal feedback – it’s regular, in the context of the learning that is happening there and then and so deserves to be highlighted.  So I immediately went on to Amazon and ordered some – here.

This is how I’ve used my stamper…..

As students are working on a task, I will move around and monitor what they are doing and read their responses. So for example, they may be responding to a question, that relates to a key aspect of the learning:

verbal1Having read their response I will give them a specific piece of verbal feedback to improve their work ‘This is a great start, but you could improve it by using an example of an energy transfer’. I will then pull out the stamper and stamp their work, as a record of my verbal feedback:

verbal2The student then has to write down a short note of what the verbal feedback was.  It’s important that this is recorded for future reference e.g. when they are revising:

verbal3They then have to do the improvement suggested from the verbal feedback – and so close the feedback loop.


As this is key improvement strategy, they could also record it on their progress tracker sticker, on the front of their book/ folder:

progress tracker stickers

What’s good about this strategy?

  • It’s quick and effortless
  • It can be highly regular
  • It gives a higher profile to the vebal feedback that students receive
  • It allows them to log and record their own personalised improvement strategies
  • It makes me as a teacher think about the verbal feedback I am giving
  • It gives a purpose to the feedback I am giving as a teacher
  • It makes the student respond to the feedback and so closing the feedback loop

A great new edition to the toolkit!


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12 Responses to Verbal Feedback Given….

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  2. Thank you Shaun – this is such a good idea. I read your post and ordered a stamper!

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  7. missoteacher says:

    Thank you for this – I stumbled upon it looking for ways to reduce my markload!

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  11. Georgina Clementz says:

    A fine idea worth adopting. Alas the caption for the photo should read ‘addition’ not ‘edition’!

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