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Modelling for excellence

I’m fortunate to watch a large number of lessons – being taught by brilliant teachers.  There are many things that they all do well, but one thing they all have in common is that they are great at modelling.  Now it … Continue reading

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Checking Learning

  Dylan Wiliam once described a good teacher as being like a good pilot. The pilot knows their destination, but they will have to adjust the flight during the journey to respond to factors such as wind speed, turbulence etc.  With teachers, … Continue reading

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Students spotting gritty students

Today I had lunch with members of the student leadership team and we had a discussion about mindsets – what it means and the differences between a fixed and growth mindset.  During the discussion I asked them to think about … Continue reading

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Being gritty about getting our kids grittier

Browsing through twitter I came across this Ted talk by Angela Lee Duckworth, an American psychologist talking about grit as the key to success.  This ties in perfectly with the ideas of Dweck on ‘Growth Mindset’ and Berger on ‘an … Continue reading

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Developing Independence

The 15 minute forum last night was led by science teacher Becky Owen, as this is the area she is looking at as a part of her learning innovator project.  Becky started off by saying how her thoughts have shifted … Continue reading

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An Ethic of Excellence

In terms of the ‘Big 4’ the focus on this blog over the last few weeks seems to have been on feedback – and rightly so. The other day I came across an article by ‘Ron Berger’ entitled ‘Fostering an ethic of … Continue reading

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Verbal Feedback Given….

A great deal has been discussed recently about marking.  DIRT (see previous article)  is making a big impact on how we mark and there have been many other developments, such as this article by English teacher Andy Tharby.  This also reminded me … Continue reading

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