Autumn 2013 forthcoming attractions

to do listAs we begin the second full week of the new school year, we have a number of CPD opportunities planned at DHS.  Read on and make some notes in your diary!

15 minute forums (15MF)

The 15 minute programme was kicked off in style last week by James Gardner (@Langnut), who introduced ‘Edmodo‘ to staff.  The forums for the rest of the term are listed below:

  • 19th Sept – The Big 4: Questioning, Feedback, Independence & Challenge – Shaun Allison @shaun_allison
  • 26th Sept – Learning through sketching – Chris Woodcock @c_woodcock100
  • 3rd October – Developing Skills Based Learning – Tobi Stathers
  • 10th October – Using eLearning safely – Pete Kelly @petek1974
  • 17th October – Students as bloggers – Chloe Gardner @ChloeMuriel
  • 24th October – Questioning Techniques – Lucy Darling @DarlingDurr
  • 7th November – Effective and manageable marking – Shane Borrett @BorrettShane
  • 14th November – Developing Independence – Rebecca Owen
  • 21st November – Demonstrating progress in a lesson – David Brading @davidbrading
  • 28th November – Support and challenge for low ability students – Harriet Schuler
  • 5th December – Using Socrative for quick and easy assessment – James Gardner @Langnut
  • 12th December – Developing literacy skills in all subjects – Sam Down @SDown4
  • 19th December – Using questioning effectively to deepen learning – Steph Holt @sholt12

Leadership 15 minute forums

This Wednesday (18th September) will see the first L15MF.  These will take place during the first 15 minutes of each SLT meeting (Wednesdays 3.30pm – 3.45pm).  Leaders from around the school will be sharing ideas and resources that they have been developing in their area.

This week, Sam Down and Emma McCann (Maths) will be sharing the ‘KS3 Learning Logs’ that they have introduced to students this year – as a way of students monitoring and reviewing their own learning.  All welcome.

Student Led CPD

Towards the end of last year, one of the 15MF was led by students.  A group of students took teachers on a tour around the school, pointing out what they thought made for a good learning environment.  The blog can be read here.

big4 pic 2This Thursday (19th September) a group of students from the Student Leadership Team will be leading the 15MF again.

They will be sharing with us their thoughts on what makes for effective questioning, feedback, independence and challenge – the big 4.  This is just the starting point for many different aspects of student led CPD that will be taking place throughout the year, this year.

Learning Innovators


Our 4 ‘Learning Innovators’ will be kicking off their research projects over the next few weeks:

  • Stuart Axten (PE) – @StuartAxtenDHS – What AfL teaching strategies really make a difference to student learning?
  • Shane Borrett (Maths)@BorrettShane – How can we best support the learning of low ability students and ensure they make progress in line with expectations?
  • Jody Chan (Science)@JodyEChan – How can ‘flipped learning’ be used effectively to deepen learning?
  • Rebecca Owen (Science) – How can we develop independence in students and what is the impact of this on learning?

At the moment they are currently considering what evidence they will gather and use to answer their research question.  Please feel free to get in touch with any thoughts, ideas or useful resources.


japanese flag

This is the Japanese method of CPD – otherwise known as ‘Lesson Study’.  It involves a group of teachers (3-4) identifying an issue; planning a lesson together (in detail); one teacher delivering the lesson (whilst the others observe); reviewing and discussing the lesson together.

More details here

This is something that I want to develop this year across the school – get in touch if you’re interested.


stage coach

Last week every member of staff at the school was paired up with a colleague for their first coaching session of the year.  Further details about coaching here.

The feedback from staff has been great – I include a few thoughts from staff about their first coaching session:

I enjoyed doing the coaching.  It was really good to just discuss things with
a colleague from a different department and share thoughts in depth. In the past
it would have just been a couple of minutes talking but having a whole session
was good.

Coaching……What a good idea! Constructive use of time.

Helpful to have protected time to reflect and share  experiences – we both have agreed on an area to develop

I found the coaching really useful – it was good to be paired with another NQT. Whilst I was aware of the areas I need to develop, establishing action points and working out how I am going to meet my goals makes it all much clearer.

I feel it was really productive and successful. Thanks for coming up with this one. It’s not often that whole school ideas have equal impact with associate staff and this is
something I feel should be productive all round.

I thought, after my initial thoughts of how silly or useless  I would seem, it was really good. We discussed issues that were on our minds and it meant that we could talk through/work through potential problems/concerns and then look at how we might approach improving/changing these.

I enjoyed the coaching session yesterday and found  it beneficial to talk about what my targets are in my role with someone who I  had not yet met before.

I found it really interesting. Hard not to offer solutions but to encourage your partner to find their own and that will be the challenge! Us teachers like to fix things not just Listen!Nice to have a dialogue with someone outside of normal working relationships too 

A great start to coaching at DHS.  Looking forward to the next session in November.



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3 Responses to Autumn 2013 forthcoming attractions

  1. Marooney, Sue says:

    Hi s Absolutely brilliant! Thank you Sue

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  2. chrishildrew says:

    This is a superb programme of CPD – a model for any school to follow! Thanks for sharing so freely.

  3. Bridlyb says:

    What great ideas and well thought out program of events hope to TRY to get SM on board to try something similar thanks for the share

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