Using assessment criteria in a visual/creative way

Today Steve Bloomer (textiles teacher) led the 15 minute forum.  He was looking at how he has developed an ‘assessment board’.  He uses this to display large pieces of student work, that students then annotate, based on a discussion around the assessment criteria.  See below:



Why I use the board

  • To help the students gain confidence in visually understanding the assessment criteria and the different levels of achievement.
  • So students can clearly see how to make progress and move to the next grade.

How I use the board

  • At the start of the lesson we discuss what aspects of the assessment criteria will be addressed and the different levels of achievement that relate to the learning outcomes.
  • Get students to discuss each piece of work and  come to an agreement on the level of achievement, for each piece of work.
  • They then then identify the specific reasons why each piece of work fits the criteria.
  • The piece of work is then annotated with these specific points from the assessment criteria.
  • Ask students e.g. ‘if I was a ‘C’ grade pupil wanting to move to a ‘B’ what specific strategies would you suggest to improve the piece of work?’
  • Great for supporting peer/self-assessment.


  • A/A*’s have increased – due to agreater understanding of the assessment criteria.
  • Students now thrive to achieve their best – because they can see what success looks like.
  • Students are able to clearly articulate how to improve.

Although this activity is based around a practical subject, it is easy to see how it can be translated to other subjects e.g. in history, look at essays of differeing levels (enlarged and pinned on the board) and then discuss/ annotate in the same way.

Contributions from Twitter #15mf

@MarkJWarner1 – attitude line V success criteria, student of the day nomination with reasons linked to objectives, bar chart success

@Lianne_Allison – Students take before + after photos of their work to show improvement post peer assessment. Display all on whiteboard.

@_jopayne – this is one strategy I’ve tried with my classes this week!

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