15 Minute Forum – Using Twitter

Lizzie Wolstenholme (PE/ Dance) @DHS_GCSEDance, led the 15 minute forum tonight on how she has used twitter to:

(a) engage her students.

(b) network with other teachers

A number of DHS departments are now using twitter to interact with their students.  They have set up a subject specific twitter account in order to do this:

  • History – @BurgessHistory
  • Geography – @DHSGeography
  • Dance – @DHS_GCSEDance
  • Science – @DHS_Science
  • Business Studies – @DHSBusiness
  • Maths – @Blightsmathstips

The following are some of the ways that the Dance department and other departments across the school have been using Twitter:

  • Encourage students to follow professional bodies e.g. dance companies.
  • Send students homework reminders.
  • Send students reminders about other deadlines.
  • Share useful website links with students.
  • Share useful videos and other resources with students.
  • Ask students revision questions.
  • Share revision tips with studnets – great drip-feeding!
  • Post sample exam questions for students to try.
  • Praise students.
  • Set the scene for the next lesson – pose a question or link to a resource to propmpt discussion.
  • Send direct messages to students e.g. missing homework!
  • Set a challenge e.g. summarise a topic in 140 characters, answer a question in 140 characters.
  • Exit ticket – Students tweet what they have learned in the lesson today.
  • Promote school events e.g. dance/drama productions.
  • Retweet other relevant links, videos and pictures.
  • Allow students to ask questions following a lesson – again a great way to promote discussion and cement learning.
  • After school revision sessions – take a photo of your notes on the board from the session and tweet it.
  • Use # to keep track of relevant topics.

And of course, Twitter is a great way to network with other teachers from around the world.  As your network grows you can share ideas, resources and simply engage in discussion with like minded professionals.  Many teachers who have used Twitter in this way, have said that it is the best CPD they have had for years.

If you want to connect with like minded teachers via twitter, this map of London Underground tube stations has the startions replaced with teachers who use twitter a great deal – so are good to start following.

Alternatively, look at the twitter addresses of these teacher blogs, to get some good teachers to follow.

Get tweeting!


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