New Year, New Term, New 15 Minute Forums….

As the new term is about to begin, this blog post below by Headteacher, John Tomsett (@johntomsett)  reminds us all why ongoing CPD to improve our classroom practice is so important.

15 minute forums sit perfectly with the spirit of this – teachers sharing and discussing successful strategies they have used in the classroom with each other – in short, effective bursts i.e. 15 minutes!

We have the following 15 minute forums planned for this half term – all welcome:

10th January – Developing Extended Writing – led by Steph Holt.  Looking at how we can use resources such as a one minute plan and the connectives placemat to develop longer student responses to questions.

17th January – Using Twitter to engage   students and support learning – Led by Lizzie Wolstenholme.  During this session Lizzie will share how she has used Twitter to extend learning outside of the classroom – and why this is such a powerful way to engage students.

24th January – Using SOLO taxonomy to   develop student learning – Led by Simona Trignano (@simonatrignano).  Simona has been developing the use of SOLO taxonomy in her own lessons since September and will be sharing her successes during this session.  SOLO taxonomy gives students a framework to develop their thinking and written responses – and can be adapted across all subjects.

7th February – Using innoavtive technologies to support learning – Led by Chloe Gardner (@ChloeMuriel).  During this session Chloe will be sharing how she has used a range of new technologies to support learning, including podcasting and student blogging.

14th February – Using exams formatively – Led by Steph Holt.   Once students have sat an assessment and received a mark/grade, how can it be used as an effective formative tool to further develop student understanding?  Steph will be sharing successful strategies she has developed to do this, during this session.

As always, a summary of the strategies discussed at each 15MF will be shared on this blog.

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