End of term pedagogical review…

As the term draws to a close I thought I would pull together some of the best bits of pedagogy I have picked up  from 15 minute forums, Learning Development Groups, Twitter, lesson observations etc this term.

In the spirit of Christmas there are 12…….

  1. Stop asking students to copy learning objectives!  It’s a passive, dull activity that serves no learning purpose.  Discuss and explore them together, but don’t copy them.
  2. Flip the learning from time to time.  Set students a homework where they learn the content for the next lesson – where they then carry out activities based on their homework learning. Allows the teacher time to support, address misconceptions and challenge.
  3. Develop extended writing skills by encouraging students to do a ‘one minute plan’ for their extended answer and then use connectives to develop this into a paragraph.
  4. Use a big picture (literally) as a hook to engage students and encourage discussion/ questioning.
  5. Use Edmodo to set homework – students like it and it gives the teacher useful feedback on student performance.
  6. Use the ‘Plan on a Page’ to plan effective lessons – where each learning episode is differentiated and learning is assessed.
  7. Graffiti learning – Get students to do a card sort in pairs, then allow them to use dry markers to group/link/annotate the cards by writing on desks.  Great for developing discussion and collaborative work.
  8. Close the gap marking – Include a question in your marking comments to move their learning on, give them time to respond in lessons and then respond to their response!
  9. Use exit cards at the end of the lesson to identify what they have learned and what they have struggled with.  In the next lesson, match students up – those who struggled with certain topics and those that were confident – and get them to teach each other.
  10. Mini whiteboards are a great way to check learning…..but need to be used well.  Make  sure all students hold up their answers at the same time (so they can’t all copy the bright kid!) and then question them on their answer – don’t let them get away with just holding it up!
  11. The Panel Presents – Produce a powerpoint of images to show to students, that cover the main themes of the lesson. In groups, they then have to prepare and give a presentation, based around these images.
  12. SOLO taxonomy and Hexagons – prepare hexagons with key words written on them (alternatively students can write their  own on). Students then have to link the hexagons together (based on links between the words) and then explain their reasons for doing so.  This can act as the basis for a piece of extended writing.

Many thanks to all the brilliant teachers who have shared these strategies.

Another reminder of the ‘aggregation or marginal gains’!

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