15 Minute Forum – Using the Learning Journey poster

Tonight, Lucy Darling led a 15 minute forum on using the learning journey poster effectively in lessons.  We were inspired to produce this poster and put it up in all classrooms, following a visit to The Shoreham Academy.

dhs learning journey

10 ways to use the leanring journey poster in the classroom:

  1. When setting an independent learning task, use the poster to remind students about  the key skills that they will need to use in order to be successful.  Students can also use the skills listed to assess themselves as independent learners, following a task.
  2. Use the 5Bs when students get ‘stuck’ – thanks to Jim Smith @thelazyteacher for this great idea.
  3. When students are working on a task ask them to consider which ‘thinking’ stage they are working at.  If they are just ‘understanding’ what would they need to do differently to be ‘applying’?
  4. Use the question stems and learning steps to help move their thinking on e.g. ‘what would happen if….?’
  5. Use the question stems to encourage students to create their own questions on what they have been learning…..and then use these with their peers.
  6. Stick examples of their work on different parts of the mountain, to show the level of the piece of work.
  7. Use a visual stimulus as a  hook to get students engaged with the learning e.g. show a picture, a piece of writing, or in the example demonstrated tonight…..a dead teacher, in the middle of the classroom!  Students then use the question stems to generate questions to find out more about about the visual stimulus.  Great for generating deep discussion.
  8. Following a peer assessment exercise, use the question stems as prompts for students to set improvement targets for each other.
  9. Use the learning steps to ensure that you are planning for progression in your lessons and the question stems to plan your hinge point questions.
  10. Students can use the learning steps to evaluate the progress they have made towards the learning objectives, and set themselves improvement targets.
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