Make it outstanding by…….using Twitter!

I am leading a workshop at school this week on developing outstanding learning, so I thought I would pose the question on Twitter, to get some inspiration.  The response was great and varied – so I thought I would share what people had to say on the matter here!  A great illustration of what a powerful CPD tool Twitter can be.

Make it outstanding by……

  • making it stand out!!!
  • creating memorable learning experiences!
  • ensuring comment only feedback is present, showing dialogue between pupil and teacher, discussing improvement+progression
  • showing a passion for learning!
  • avoiding 73 mini plenaries and assessing the children every 20 seconds!
  • recognising that your quiet students often have the best ideas
  • creating challenging situations that allow students to have a possibility not certainty of success.
  • keep asking “but why”
  • noticing each child and know something special about each one
  • using your marking to celebrate success and start an individual dialogue with your students
  • allowing them to catch you out. Make them teach you.
  • visualising what each child before you could be achieving 20yrs from now
  • putting the students in ‘the pit’, allow struggle and consequent creative thinking, occasionally chuck in a rope…
  • asking students to explain to the observer what’s happening in the lesson and why
  • by giving the learning a real purpose  and sprinkling it with an element of awe and wonder!
  • … Having fun!

Many thanks to the following tweachers for their contribution – ‏@fannieann @Emilyhill77 @MarkJWarner1 @jim_coupeSA @MikeTweetham @WorthingWeb @villamaid82 @Takethemoutcouk @PEAndy1 @thought_weavers @iianconley @TheBenHorbury

Shaun Allison @shaun_allison

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